Joe Picks A Sandwich By: Dan and Joe

The third season of the Joe Picks podcast series in which we attempt to answer the age old question: What is the best sandwich?



Joe Picks A Sandwich

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Episode List

  • Vegemite/Marmite Sandwich vs Ice Cream Sandwich Wed Aug 28

    1:19:42 – Will any or all of these sandwiches make it on the menu?

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich Wed Aug 21

    1:32:01 – Will this BBQ classic make it on the menu?

  • Sandwich Selection Special Wed Jul 31

    1:22:57 – The contents of the sandwich wheel are debated.

  • Jeff Picks The Joe Picks Highlight Clips, Part 1 Wed Jul 24

    2:01:50 – Jeff can add another honorific to his already long list: Guest Podcaster. He has given you a bonus episode, scouring past episodes of Joe Picks to pick out the highlights. For part 1, here are the best clips from the non-mailbag portions of Joe Picks An NFL Team.

  • Fairy Bread Wed Jul 17

    1:18:45 – Will this listener wheel suggestion, a sweet australian sandwich, make it on the menu?

  • Classic Breakfast Sandwich Wed Jun 26

    1:37:35 – Will this sandwich made of Egg, Sausage and Cheese on your choice of bread make it on the menu?

  • Avocado Toast Wed Jun 12

    1:18:36 – Will this trendy sandwich make it onto the menu?

  • Chicago Dog Week #2 - Regional Hotdog Shootout Wed Jun 05

    1:05:54 – Which regional hot dog is the best and can it make the menu?

  • Chicago Dog Wed May 29

    1:18:32 – Will this classic "sandwich" make it onto the menu?

  • Club Sandwich Wed May 22

    1:27:07 – Will this classic sandwich make it onto the menu?

  • Banh Mi Wed May 15

    1:37:52 – Will this Vietnamese sandwich, courtesy of the listener wheel, make it onto the menu?

  • Taco Wed May 08

    1:03:20 – Will this Mexican "sandwich" make it onto the menu?

  • Hillel Sandwich Wed Apr 24

    1:17:15 – A special Passover episode for this Passover sandwich.

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich Wed Apr 17

    1:07:33 – Will this deli salad have what it takes to put the Chicken Salad Sandwich on the menu?

  • French Dip Wed Apr 10

    1:10:34 – Our first sandwich that comes with its own dip.

  • Elvis Wed Apr 03

    1:17:57 – This sandwich made from Peanut Butter, Bananas and Bacon was known to be a favorite of the King.

  • Uitsmijter Wed Mar 27

    1:06:22 – This Dutch sandwich comes from the listener wheel. Come for the pronunciation, stay for the sandwich.

  • Torta Wed Mar 20

    1:20:56 – Our first sandwich from south of the border.

  • Turkey, Bacon, Avocado on Dutch Crunch Wed Mar 13

    1:06:43 – Our first sandwich assignment from the listener wheel is also our most specific to date.

  • PB & J - Week #2 Wed Mar 06

    1:04:15 – We take the Peanut Butter & Jelly into the sandwich lab to help make our final call.

  • PB & J Wed Feb 27

    1:31:59 – The all-American Peanut Butter & Jelly

  • Cucumber Tea Sandwich Wed Feb 20

    59:49 – Care for a snack with your afternoon tea?

  • BLT Wed Feb 13

    1:12:44 – The one and only bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

  • Bagel and Lox Wed Feb 06

    1:03:36 – The classic New York breakfast sandwich

  • Falafel Sandwich Wed Jan 30

    1:12:17 – Straight from the mediterranean to our plates: the falafel sandwich

  • Meatball Sub Wed Jan 23

    1:10:51 – We tackle the Italian-American classic, and our first sub: the meatball sub.

  • Tuna Melt Wed Jan 16

    56:21 – We get a little adventurous in week 2 with this hot and open-faced diner classic.

  • Ham and Cheese Wed Jan 09

    1:25:01 – Dan and Joe are back to kick off the third season of the Joe Picks series with... Joe Picks A Sandwich. For the first episode we'll review a true classic sandwich, the Ham and Cheese.

  • Teaser Episode Tue Jan 08

    2:48 – What exactly is Joe Picks A Sandwich?