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  • The Finale Thu Jun 14

    2:11:43 – It all comes down to this. Just hours from the opening match of the 2018 World Cup, Joe works his way through the 4 remaining teams and fulfills the promise of the podcast by making his choice.

  • The Quarterfinals Wed Jun 13

    2:30:39 – The second night of our three night finale focuses on the final 8 teams. If you want to get to the part where we talk about the 8 teams, skip ahead about an hour.

  • The Group Stage Tue Jun 12

    2:16:57 – After months and months of exploring these various teams and countries, we're making it through the group stage in 2 hours. Finally the teams will be pitted against one another and Joe will be forced into making some of his toughest decisions yet.

  • Germany Sun Jun 10

    2:05:05 – The naysayers said we'd never finish all 32 teams, and they were only partially right! In our last regular season episode we finally give the defending champs their due, but undoubtedly this football powerhouse is going to have a much tougher path to Joe's knockout round than in the real tournament.

  • Colombia Sat Jun 09

    2:43:43 – Our second to last episode also comes in as our longest ever! But we have so much to cover both going through the email bag and spending time with a special guest with some great inside info about Colombia.

  • Egypt Mon Jun 04

    2:05:12 – We finally get to the land of Joe's father, and his father's father, but apparently not his father's father's father. Will this intimately close relationship help or hurt Egypt's chances of making it into Joe's knockout round.

  • Japan Thu May 31

    1:53:08 – We finish out the Asian Football Confederation with with some special guests and we finally learn the answer to a long running podcast mystery. And also we do the thing where Joe rates Japan in many different categories.

  • Belgium Sun May 27

    1:52:34 – We're finally doing the second half of our "doubleheader", the up and coming Belgium team. After our usual deep analysis, is Joe going to move them on into the knockout round or will he waffle and perhaps leave them on the outside looking in.

  • England Wed May 23

    1:58:39 – We are back on track doing full country episodes, and what better place to visit than the birthplace of modern football. England should have so much going for it in Joe's ratings, but given that it's England, better not take anything for granted.

  • Mystery Episode Tue May 15

    1:38:42 – Some important business gets taken care of, live in San Francisco.

  • Saudi Arabia Thu May 03

    1:28:15 – When you think of Saudi Arabia, you might think of oil reserves or sandy deserts, but how about the sport of football? This country has a surprising history of football success, at least within the middle east. But as they embarck on the World Cup they first have perhaps an even tougher test... Joe's rankings.

  • Spain Thu Apr 26

    1:42:01 – For the second half of our doubleheader we venture to Europe and look at another elite team, Spain. After our own Spanish inquisition, Spain's fate will be entirely in Joe's hands. Will they move on to the round of 16 or will Joe expell them from the competition?

  • Mexico Mon Apr 23

    2:10:14 – Our neighbor to the south is also our biggest rival. But with the US out of the World Cup, what does that mean for the rivalry? Should Joe root for Mexico as the best hope from CONCACAF or root for our rival to fail? The Joe Picks system will be put to the test during this one-of-a-kind podcast.

  • Panama Mon Apr 16

    44:03 – No time to waste in this description for our first speed episode: Panama. We would have loved to spend more time analyzing this team that is playing in the US's spot, but unfortunately their long odds and our lack of time didn't allow for it.

  • Peru Thu Apr 12

    1:36:56 – This South American underdog is in the World Cup for the first time in a generation. But with this accomplishment comes the added scrutity of Joe's analysis. Will there be another Hollywood ending for Peru or will Joe's qualifying be harder than the brutal South American confederation?

  • South Korea Wed Apr 04

    1:51:54 – After the long wait for the Soju shipment from South Korea, Dan and Joe break down this team live in Seattle. Having just hosted such a successful Olympic games, we'll see if South Korea can maintain their momentum and reach Joe's Round of 16.

  • France Wed Mar 28

    2:14:19 – Trying to predict how France will do in the World Cup is just as much of a fool's errand as trying to predict when this podcast would be released. But will Joe's rating of this top tier team will be a little more predictable, or are there some surprises in store for Les Bleus?

  • Nigeria Fri Mar 16

    1:21:23 – Back to Africa for the 2nd of the 5 African teams. As the only African team to qualify for both the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Nigeria has some momentum coming into the tournament. Will that carry over into Joe's ranking though?

  • Denmark Mon Mar 12

    1:28:47 – For the second time we travel to Scandinavia, which depending on your definition of that term will either be our final or penultimate trip to the region. Not known as a footballing powerhouse, Denmark will need to hope for good scores in some of the other categories if they want to get into Joe's knockout round.

  • Brazil Thu Mar 01

    1:54:45 – When you think of football brilliance, you think of Brazil. And for good reason, they've achieved more World Cup success than any other nation. In the real World Cup, it's been over 50 years since they finished in the bottom half of the tournament. But in this podcast series, they'll need a good showing to make Joe's knockout round.

  • Serbia Mon Feb 19

    1:50:59 – In the first ever World Cup, this country competed as part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Eighty-eight years later, they'll compete for the 2nd time as the independent country of Serbia. Perhaps this year will be the first time Serbia qualifies for the Round of 16 in the actual World Cup, but we won't have to wait that long to see if they qualify for Joe's Round of 16.

  • Argentina Fri Feb 09

    1:28:26 – Coming off a runner-up finish in 2014, and with their sights set even higher in 2018, Argentina are our first truly elite team of the podcast series. But perhaps for a nation this good at football, making the knockout stage in Joe's rankings will prove more challenging than doing it in the actual World Cup.

  • Poland Fri Feb 02

    1:40:55 – Other than the host nation, Poland has the longest odds to win the cup among the pot 1 teams. But they have one thing the other top teams don't have... an ancestral connection to Joe. Will this be enough to get them into knockout stage or will the odds catch up to them and leave them on the outside looking in.

  • Portugal Tue Jan 23

    1:29:05 – The Ballon d'Or award for the best football player in the world has gone to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese player, 4 out of the past 5 years. Will this star power help Portugal into Joe's Round of 16, or will Joe dismiss this top heavy team like the US (almost) did 4 years ago?

  • Morocco Fri Jan 19

    1:33:06 – For the fifth straight episode we look at a team from a different confederation, this time our first trip into the Confederation of African Football. Will Morocco make it into Joe's Round of 16 or will this inaugural visit into the CAF end in disappointment for them?

  • Russia Tue Jan 09

    1:39:52 – In this episode we cover the very controversial host nation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Will Joe will tear down this wall of anti-Russian propoganda and find a way to root for the host nation, or will he fall into line with the deep state and eliminate this geopolitical foe?

  • Uruguay Sun Dec 31

    1:49:29 – On our first trip into the South American confederation, we explore an often overlooked team that has an impressive history and a realistic chance at an impressive run in Russia. Is this the type of team that will score highly on Joe's scale, or will they be overlooked yet again?

  • Costa Rica Fri Dec 29

    1:18:07 – For the first time we look at a team in the US's own confederation: Costa Rica. Will Joe find a rooting interest in this plucky fellow CONCACAF team, or will the 2 stinging defeats Costa Rica inflicted on the US during qualifying be too much to look past?

  • Australia Sat Dec 23

    1:19:38 – With the US absent, Australia became the only English speaking former British colony to qualify for the World Cup. With so much in common, will Joe find the Socceroos a familiar choice for his fandom, or will their hopes of moving on spin in the opposite direction into the rubbish bin?

  • Sweden Fri Dec 22

    1:19:04 – In our inaugural episode we look at Sweden, a highly prosperous country located in the Scandinavian peninsula. Will their Soccer team be the first to pass Joe's test and make it to the knockout round, or will they collapse under the pressure as so many IKEA tables have done before.

  • Intro Fri Dec 22

    4:17 – What and why is Joe picking a World Cup team?

  • JPAWCT Planning And Feedback Fri Dec 08

    38:32 – A quick update on the fantasy playoffs, then we start planning the JPAWCT podcast and start assigning categories to the superfan volunteers.

  • Midseason Extravaganza Tue Nov 28

    1:41:06 – A little past midway through the NFL season, we check in with Joe to see how his fandom has been going. Is he happy with his choice? We also open up the mailbag and see what both old and new superfans have to say.

  • The Finale Thu Sep 28

    2:04:22 – It all comes down to this. In our longest podcast ever, every angle is analyzed, every detail examined, every fact scrutinized, and perhaps, if we are lucky, Joe will fulfill the destiny of this podcast series and pick an NFL team.

  • The Playoffs Continue: Final Four Fri Sep 15

    2:02:35 – Four teams come in, and only two make it out of this episode. How can making two decisions take over two hours? Listen to find out...

  • The Playoffs Continue: Elite Eight - Part 2 Fri Sep 08

    1:06:30 – For the second round of the playoffs, we add in new info to help make these tough decisions: A game of madden, the teams' celebrity fans and local pubs Joe might visit to watch his new team play. Part 2 of 2.

  • The Playoffs Continue: Elite Eight - Part 1 Thu Sep 07

    50:10 – For the second round of the playoffs, we add in new info to help make these tough decisions: A game of madden, the teams' celebrity fans and local pubs Joe might visit to watch his new team play. Part 1 of 2.

  • The Playoffs Continue: Sweet Sixteen - Part 2 Tue Sep 05

    1:04:28 – After so much time and energy invested in each team and fanbase, Joe is finally forced to make hard choices as he hones in on his new team. Finishing off the sweet sixteen with part 2 of 2.

  • The Playoffs Begin: Sweet Sixteen - Part 1 Sun Sep 03

    1:24:40 – After so much time and energy invested in each team and fanbase, Joe is finally forced to make hard choices as he hones in on his new team. As per usual no detail was left uncovered so this is part 1 of 2.

  • Detroit Lions Fri Sep 01

    58:31 – In the final episode of our regular season we travel to the motor city to discuss the Lions. Will the King of the Jungle become the King of Joe's heart?

  • Miami Dolphins Thu Aug 31

    1:02:54 – Joe's former team was a coastal city known for it's warm weather and beautiful beaches. Perhaps Miami, known for it's warm weather and beautiful beaches, might serve as an easy substitution.

  • Playoff Planning Spectacular Wed Aug 30

    56:56 – Dan and Joe talk about the most pressing issue as the podcast nears the end: How the heck is Joe going to actually pick a team? We hear some ideas from the superfans and then hash it all out. Superfan Alert: The voting is open for the all-important *zombie team*. Get those votes in!

  • San Francisco 49ers Sun Aug 27

    54:26 – Turning Dan's local team into a lightning episode proved impossible, but will all that extra knowledge help or hurt Joe's chances of moving them into the Sweet 16?

  • Chicago Bears Sat Aug 26

    37:36 – All research supplied by Superfan Sean for the third of our four lightning teams. The Bears have a long and storied history, but have been a bit woeful in recent years. Will their legacy be enough for Joe to look past their mediocre past few seasons?

  • Los Angeles Rams Thu Aug 24

    34:50 – All research supplied by Superfan Riley "The Diabetic" for the second of our four lightning teams. The Rams now inhabit the very same city as Joe's former team. Will this help or hurt their cause in gaining his fandom?

  • Jacksonville Jaguars Wed Aug 23

    32:50 – All research supplied by Superfan Bez for the first of our four lightning teams. Our second big cat in a row! Will the Jags join their fellow feline mascots and find a way into the sweet 16?

  • Carolina Panthers Sat Aug 19

    1:17:58 – Let's finish out another division: the NFC South! This team hasn't been around for too long but has already made the Super Bowl twice as many times as the Chargers ever did. Will Joe be a fan for their next Super Bowl run or will he reject his first feline mascot?

  • Oakland Raiders Thu Aug 17

    1:22:51 – And we finish off the AFC west with *the* former division rival. Will Joe be open to trading out his powder blues for the silver and black, or will the old animus be too strong?

  • Kansas City Chiefs Mon Aug 07

    1:16:15 – The Chiefs used to be a division rival, but when viewed with a clean slate, perhaps that means Joe won't have to look outside the AFC West to find his new team.

  • Baltimore Ravens Thu Aug 03

    1:30:48 – And Joe, back to rating, with Dan dictating, and fans awaiting. Thy Ravens he will presently ponder, hoping his fandom they will not squander. Quoth the Joe, "Sweet Sixteen?", or is this thy Ravens' final scene?

  • Buffalo Bills Thu Jul 20

    1:17:20 – In the second half of our Music City Miracle double-header, we look at the losing team, the Bills. Fun fact: That was the last time the Bills made the playoffs. Come see how Joe ranks them and if they will find more success in Joe's heart than in the NFL standings.

  • Tennessee Titans Sun Jul 16

    1:27:51 – The first half of our Music City Miracle double-header looks at the winning team, the Titans. Given Joe's feeling about this division it might take a miracle to get to the sweet 16, but we know the Titans are capable of it.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Tue Jul 04

    1:14:23 – The Steelers are a historic franchise with a record of success both in the past and the present, but how will they fare in Joe's rating system? Will they smelt their way into the sweet 16, or crash out without a helmet?

  • Indianapolis Colts Wed Jun 28

    1:09:49 – Joe's first visit to the NFC South didn't end that well, but Joe is 2/2 in supporting teams with equine mascots. Will the Colts continue this streak or will their luck run out?

  • Minnesota Vikings Wed Jun 21

    1:15:55 – Joe's first voyage into the NFC North, Green Bay, ended well. Will the Vikings follow the Packers into the sweet 16 or will they set off to sea only to never return? [Fixed version -- previous version cut off before the end]

  • New Orleans Saints Sat Jun 10

    1:53:04 – With Superfans pulling Joe in every direction, will the Saints march into the sweet 16 or will they just miss out on the playoffs (like the actual team)?

  • Green Bay Packers Wed May 31

    1:30:39 – Special guest Rob joins the podcast to talk about his beloved Green Bay Packers. Will Rob's presence help his team leap into the next round or will they be sent packing?

  • Arizona Cardinals Wed May 24

    1:31:42 – Thus far Joe has liked every NFL team with a bird logo. Will the Cardinals continue the pattern or will this be their last flight?

  • Washington Football Club Wed May 17

    1:27:08 – We finish off our first entire division, the NFC East, with Dan's beloved Washington Football Club. Considering it is such a well run franchise with such an iconic name, I can't imagine why Joe wouldn't want to be a fan of this team.

  • New England Patriots Mon May 15

    1:28:16 – Fresh off winning the Super Bowl, the Patriots have firmly established themselves at the top of the NFL hierarchy. But will their obvious greatness help or hurt them when it comes to Joe's potential fandom?

  • Cincinnati Bengals Wed May 03

    1:08:55 – Dan is live at the NFL draft with special guest Superfan Tony to break down Tony's team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Mel Kiper Jr gave the Bengals' draft a B-. What will Joe grade the franchise?

  • Seattle Seahawks Thu Apr 27

    1:13:04 – In this highly anticipated podcast, Joe gives a long answer to the simple question: Why not just pick the team where you live?

  • New York Giants Wed Apr 26

    59:41 – In 2004, Eli Manning refused to play for San Diego. Now 13 years later, will Joe let go of his past prejudices or will he return the favor?

  • Atlanta Falcons Fri Apr 14

    1:24:58 – Can we go an entire podcast about the Falcons without mentioning the Super Bowl? No. But listen to see if a redemption narrative is what Joe is looking for in a new team.

  • Houston Texans Mon Apr 03

    1:16:26 – We venture back to Texas and check out the other Texas team, the Houston Texans. Will Houston make the cut or will we have a problem with them?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mon Mar 27

    1:03:20 – The Bucs are a team on the rise with an exciting young QB, is that enough to convince Joe to potentially be a fan?

  • New York Jets Fri Mar 24

    59:14 – Will Joe and the Jets be flying high next year or will Joe boo the Jets off the podcast?

  • Philadelphia Eagles Wed Mar 15

    52:03 – For the second part of our NFC East double header, we switch over to the Eagles. Will Joe find a sweet spot for the infamous Philadelphia fans? Bonus: Listen all the way to the end when a special guest jumps in to rate the drink.

  • Dallas Cowboys Tue Mar 14

    1:05:10 – We switch over to the NFC and explore the Dallas Cowboys. Will Joe jump on the bandwagon and become a fan of America's team?

  • Denver Broncos Wed Mar 08

    1:05:35 – The Denver Broncos were formerly a hated division rival. But without his former prejudices, will Joe find something to root for in the best team we've looked at so far?

  • Cleveland Browns Tue Feb 28

    45:32 – The Browns are often found towards the bottom of the standings, but will their colorful history and underdog status overcome their on-field results and make Joe a fan?

  • Los Angeles Chargers Fri Feb 24

    46:30 – A deep dive into Joe's former team will help us discover what he is looking for in a new team.

  • Teaser Wed Feb 22

    1:43 – Introduction to Joe Picks an NFL team